Be a part of the virtual sports challenges.


Design sprint
(1 week)


UX research, UI design


Connor Kirkley, Hilal Ozkaya,
Leesa Kuen

The ask

The Score // Score Media and Gaming Inc. - Even in the remote, work-from-home environment we all find ourselves living in, there is an opportunity to connect individuals and communities through recreational sports.

Using technology, how might we find new and engaging ways to connect people through recreational sports?

The problem

  • 60 % of Gen Z has reported that there has been a decrease in physical outdoor activity due to the pandemic
  • Team sports have taken the biggest hit during the pandemic. However, there was a rise of casual players in activities such as skateboarding, pickleball, and basketball which saw a rise in participation by 24%

The goal

To increase engagement in recreational sports by creating a digital application which encourages people to compete without needing to be together.

The interview findings

Recruited interviewees (18 -30 years) to understand what people feel about recreational sports. My questions included: Do you play recreational sports? What are the activities you do? What do you like about recreational sports? Any challenges do you face? Being an outdoor enthusiast, how are you coping with restrictions during the lockdown? How do you see the future of recreational sports?

Recreational sports are fun, bring all sorts of people together in a community.

People are getting used to using technology in sports - taking online classes / virtual experiences.

Competitiveness is hugely missed in the current experience.

Recreational sports are getting harder to organize.

The insight

18 - 30 year old's are looking for a new way to recreate the feelings of fun, competition & spontaneity that they miss from recreational sports.

My persona - Jimmy Bell 'Jimbo92' is a
25 year old Bar Manager living in Toronto.

He loves to play sports and enjoys
the friendly banter.

Frustrated by Covid closures and restrictions, he misses the highs of the competition and interacting with friends and strangers on the sports field

Wants to share and improve his skills with friends and have bragging rights

Thinking of new ways to challenge himself - like playing solo basketball

How might we

Provide 18 - 30 year old's with a sense of competition & fun around recreational sports at home, so that they can remain active & engaged with the sports community?


Seeing people getting creative in TikTok and Snapchat inspired and led to creating a sports community centered around challenges. Listed below are few examples with ideas to make sports fun and inclusive through the application.

Follow friends and athletes and do the challenges alongside them. Here we see athletes try out the 'Toilet Paper Challenge.'

Challenges can be goofy and fun, others highly competitive, and others an educational or technical learning challenge.

Film your challenges, and others can ‘challenge’ you back by responding with a video of their attempts.

This is competitive, yet friendly, and brings people together.

Use filters, templates, and sound features and get creative with sports.

Virtual fitness challenge

And we thought… if you gave them a platform in what other ways would people get creative about sports?

Task Flow

We drew a task flow to see our persona's 'Jimbo92' journey through the task of starting a sports challenge. We created a connection between each step and designed the flow of the application.

Diagram: Task flow to show how the user starts a challenge


The Task Flow helped us sketch the interface design to make each step intuitive and familiar for maximum participation and give the participant a sense of competitiveness. In addition, we ensured that the platform should be simple and smart enough to include all kinds of games challenges. Multiple iterations helped us to simplify the flow of the application.

Diagram: Sketches to design the flow and features of the application

Hi-Fidelity prototype

The below screens show the task where my user 'Jimbo92' challenges his friend back by scoring maximum layups in 30 seconds.

Diagram: High Fidelity Flow


Our prototype is usable and understandable for the majority of people with or without disabilities which we have ensured by implementing WCAG AA compliant.

Diagram: Sketches to design the flow and features of the application


The app that lets you create & take part in virtual sports challenges with friends. Click on the screen of the app to try out the interactive prototype in iPhone 11 Pro.

Measuring Success

  • Community size - number of downloads
  • Community activity - people activity engaging / sharing content
  • Users enjoy the app and have fun and get a sense of reward from it - positive reviews!

What's next?

The following steps will be to power the application with A. I and to get it endorsed. Then, to develop and grow the app beyond pandemic. Below are a few ideas to be tested to determine the value these new features provide for money and effort.

New Content Types
Team games, Live games,
 Sporting ‘duet’ & Video personalization

Celebrity / Brand Endorsements
Sponsored filters, Challenges for prizes
& Live masterclasses

Technology Advancement
Use A.I to have a precise analysis of the sport or activity that is recorded